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Forward a written request on agency or department letterhead to Counterdrug Program in Montgomery, AL containing the following:

  • All Requests – Must Include a statement that the mission has a drug nexus. Include a point of contact including agency, name, address, telephone, pager and fax number and include an estimated level of threat for the operation.

  • C-26 or S & S Specific – Include areas of interest to include maps, coordinates (GPS if possible), description of the area ('s), suspense date, detail time, date and location.

  • Counterdrug Specific – Outline the type of support needed, estimate of manpower required, time frame, location and any special equipment required.

Send requests to:

Alabama National Guard
ATTN:  Counterdrug Program
1750 Congressman Dickenson Dr.
Montgomery, AL  36109
Voice: (334) 213-7718
FAX: (334) 274-6300

Please coordinate with specific program prior to requesting support:
S&S Aviation (RAID):  334-318-7020
RC-26 Aviation:  334-394-7418
Counterdrug Operations:  334-213-7649

Download:  Aviation Mission Request
                    PDF Format

Download:  Cellebrite Mission Request
                    PDF Format

 Office Info

1750 Congressman Dickenson Drive
Montg. AL  36109
ATTN: Counterdrug Program


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