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  National Guard Counterdrug Programs 

National Guard Bureau Counterdrug Office
Florida Counterdrug
Mississippi Counterdrug
California Counterdrug
Louisiana Counterdrug
Virginia Counterdrug
Pennsylvania Counterdrug
Iowa Counterdrug


   Alabama Links  

Alabama National Guard Website
Department of Public Safety Website
187th FW Air National Guard Website
117th ARW Air National Guard Website

1750 Congressman Dickenson Drive
Montg. AL  36109
ATTN: Counterdrug Program

“Take A Stand With The Minuteman:
Be Drug Free”

Counterdrug Training Centers

Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, PA (NCTC)
 Midwest Counterdrug Training Center, IA (MCTC)
Regional Counterdrug Training Academy, MS (RCTA)
Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training, FL (MCTFT)
Western Regional Counterdrug Training Center, WA (WRCTC)

Civil Operations Links

In The Know Zone
Drug Free America

Above the Influence
The Cool Spot
Free Vibe

Automobile Safety (Thanks Michelle! - Chicago, IL)
Recovery Connection
Drug Rehab.com (Thanks Mitchell!)

Financial Links

Government Credit Card Website
Military Pay Rates

Law Enforcement Agency Links

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA)
Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA)
 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Montgomery Police Department
A.N.O.A. Website

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