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“Take A Stand With The Minuteman:
Be Drug Free”


       Team Readiness 

  • NGB SAP has adapted a science-based, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Model program, for the National Guard entitled Team Readiness.
  • The curriculum has been established to enhance communication and support within guard units/wings by addressing (behavioral and health) risks associated with reduced readiness, particularly risks for substance abuse. Prevention Coordinators have been certified as Team Readiness facilitators.
  • Team Readiness consists of five mini modules that are designed to provide a fast paced, engaging, and brief 20-30 minute presentation.  Those units/wings that are indentified as at high risk can choose one or more modules to be delivered to unit by the Prevention Coordinator as part of the four hours annual substance abuse education requirement.

Module 1:  Your Raw Coping Power
Module 1  Terminal Objectives:
- Assess your raw coping power and determine if action is needed.

Enabling Learning Objectives:
- Examine three raw truths about stress in the National Guard.
- Examine unit/wing stress across touch of service {1} NOW {2} WHEN {3} DEPLOYED {4} UPON REINTEGRATION.

Module 2:  Paths IN and OUT of STRESS
Terminal Objectives:
- Assess yourself on the different paths of stress in the National Guard.

Enabling Learning Objectives:
- Give Straightforward answers for each of three paths:
     1.  Transition
     2.  Mobilization
     3.  Adjustment
- Know the signs of not coping well.
- Know how to get help AND get help if you need it.
Module 2

Module 3  Terminal Objective:
- Identify and address any risky levels of tolerance
- Increase unit/wing level of response to fellow service members with problems.

Enabling Learning Objectives:
- Play a scenario game.
- List responses to fellow service members with behavior problems (e.g., substance abuse).
- Remember Military Values.

Terminal Objective:
- Improve responsible communication in unit/wing.
- Identify and reduce blocks to effective listening.

Enabling Learning Objectives:
- Learn guidelines for effective listening.
- Practice effective listening skills to reduce stress (for self and others).
Module 4

Module 5:  Do The Right Thing
Module 5  Terminal Objectives:
- Make decisions that support healthy communication for the good of the unit/wing.

Enabling Learning Objectives:
- Weigh the costs and benefits of each:
     1.  Not communicating verses communicating.
     2.  Tolerating verses responding to problems.
     3.  Getting Help versus Getting Caught.

To request Team Readiness for your unit, contact
334-274-6304 or ngalpto@ng.army.mil

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